This product isunique, using the world's advanced chelating technology, pure nutritionpreparation, no hormone, non-toxic, no residue, high purity, full nutrition,full absorption, all water soluble, no blocking drip irrigation system, can bewidely used in drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, flushing and so on. Inparticular, the nutrient elements needed for crop growth are added, which caneffectively supplement crop nutrition in time and improve crop resistance, andthe water solution is weak acidity, which can improve the nutrient absorptionrate of crops. Balance formula design. The ratio of N, P and K to 1:1:1 canensure the requirement of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the earlygrowth stage of plants. It is one of the products of high-end water-solublefertilizers in the market.

Suggestions forfertilization:

  Drip irrigation:dilute the water according to the ratio of 1:1500, then enter the dripirrigation system, and the amount of use is 5-7 kg.Chong: according to the ratioof 1:300-500 diluted with water, 5-8 kg per mu.Spraying: according to the ratioof 1:500, water solution is used to evenly spray the positive and negativesides of crop leaves.

Matters needingattention

The quality ofthis product is high and the effect is better than that of the importedproducts of the same kind

This product hasgood solubility and can be mixed with non strong acid and strong alkali agriculturalchemicals.

Store in a cooland dry place to prevent deliquescence. Agglomeration does not affectfertilizer efficiency.